Our Values!

 Integrity: We bring the highest ethical standards to all our decisions and actions.

 Transparency and Accountability: We are open and honest in everything we do and we strive to optimize the systems in place that make us accountable to all our stakeholders.

 Optimism: We focus on the positive difference we can make to children's lives and

celebrate success.

 Resourcefulness: We look for innovative ways to minimize our costs and maximize our effectiveness and impact.

 Partnership: We work collaboratively with our local and international partners, and value their knowledge, priorities and recommendations. We believe that by joining our efforts with local initiatives we can make a real difference!

In achieving this, we are aware that every child deserves a loving environment, a family and parents or caretakers who cater to the child's physical and emotional well-being and development. We also believe that children belong in families and not in institutions. We therefore put at our hearts love, care, compassion and philanthropy with Christian Values in everything that we do.

Transforming marginalized communities
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